Trying to wake up


International travel has its challenges – flying to Europe, you “lose” a night. Seems like it used to be easier for me to sleep on a plane, digest time changes, put up with tough conditions. I’d like to blame my age, but I think I’ve lost some of the excitement, some of my love for the travel experience.
I used to loooove to fly places, so that’s where my attention was. Nowadays I focus on myself more, on how I’m tired, the seat is uncomfortable and my back hurts. Which it probably did twenty years ago, I just didn’t notice as much.
Which reminds me of the christian experience. In Revelations, John writes to the church in Ephesus: “I have this against you: You have departed from your first love!” We tend to slip into a state where we don’t focus on Jesus, and what HE has done for us, but consider our own shortcomings. How we’re tired, the seat is uncomfortable, and our back hurts. Which it probably did 20 years ago, but we didn’t notice because our hearts were full of what HE has done for us.
I’m making an effort to remind myself. I’m coming back to my first love. My next flight will go so much better 🙂